My camera

I wouldn’t trade my camera for any other camera at this point.  I have spent most of my photographic career using it or the one previous that was similar.  It has virtually taught me almost everything I know about photography up to this point.  So I also understand why a squier vintage modified telecaster thinline holds an importance in a guitarist’s hands comparable to what my camera means in my hands.

Of course, you can’t make music or take pictures automatically simple by picking up either my high end camera or the telecaster.  It obviously takes practice and lots of experience to be able to produce the amazing sounds or pictures that both are absolutely capable of.


There are often times in our house that two computers are operating together side by side with both playing video.  For example, it’s not at all unusual for me to be trying to listen to the drama playing on my computer while my two children are trying to listen to their video.  I honestly don’t know how I would have coped if I hadn’t gotten these sony headphones for just this purpose.